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… is that it’s always changing.

If you’re unhappy with where you are, stick around — it’ll flip soon enough.

Nothing ever stays the same for very long and that’s a good thing. Change is inherent in our universe. What goes up, must come down.

Just like the coin has 2 sides, heads and tails, life has it’s ups and downs. Neither experience is better or worse, they’re just different and provide different learning. And ultimatelyboth sides need to be experienced equally.

Don’t get caught up bemoaning the tails. It’s a waste of your energy. It only keeps you attracting more tails in your life. Remember that for every tail experienced, you get “a-head”, literally.

There’s no good or bad in life, there are only different sides of the coin. Tails are the more challenging experiences that bring you amazing growth. Heads are the rewards for having gotten there. One naturally feels better, the other makes you better. But neither is better than the other.

You want both sides of the coin. They enrich you — they expand you — they push you to your limits — then reward you for your efforts. The flip side of life is that things are always changing and the coin is always flipping. Don’t get caught out lamenting the tails, without them, there would be no heads.

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