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… sees through the web of lies.

Earth is a schoolroom. We are here to learn and to have an experience of ourselves in this 3D matrix of illusion. We are not meant to get lost in the illusion.

In this matrix, we are creating our reality with every word, thought and action we take. While in this matrix of illusion, we are searching for the truth of who we are, which becomes difficult when that illusion becomes hijacked with lies and deceit.

The seeker is only here to remember who they are. They seek truth, not just in themselves, but in the world around them. As with every classroom, there are tests along the way. Not everything the seeker experiences will be true to their soul. Discernment becomes a tool of enlightenment. So every good seeker must learn how to question everything. Truth vs. illusion… what is real to me? It only takes one slip up to give your authority over to a false god (gov’t, health authority), or a false prophet (media, corporations) and you can easily lose your way.

The seeker of truth, sees through all the lies. Never give your discernment away to any power outside of you. If you are truly seeking truth, you will never cease asking questions because you will see that the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know anything. If you think you know it all, you will forget to seek the truth and you will accept anyone else’s truth as your own. Keep questioning your reality until it makes sense. You are the one responsible for the truth you hold, no one else.

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