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… is the only way to OPEN to your future.

It’s only when you close one door that another one opens. 

Closing the door on the past keeps your energy focused in the present. It shuts out the noise of the past and gives clarity in this moment.

When the door to the past is left open, energies get confused. It’s too easy to hear the cries of the past and be drawn back into it’s grasp. Be strong, softly close the door and open to the stillness of the present moment where you can hear the whisper of your soul.

If something or someone is in your past, it’s behind you. You can close the door on it. If it was meant to be in your present, it would be standing right in front of you and if it is meant to be part of your future, it will come and find you when it’s time.

Close the door on the past so you can get clear with your present. If your past is ever meant to come back to you, it will come knocking once it is healed. Until then, close the door on it — get still with yourself and look for the new open door that’s been waiting for you all along.

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