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th-5… doesn’t get you very far.


Believe it or not, we spend most of our waking lives, ASLEEP – completely sleepwalking – repeating the same patterns that haven’t served us year after year and wondering why happiness always eludes us?

We wake up from our slumber some 10-years, 20-years later and ask, “how did I get here?”

Here’s the deal… racing your way through life doesn’t get you anywhere IF YOU ARE RUNNING IN CIRCLES. But no one ever tells us that. They just encourage us to keep running – to keep competing – to keep surviving.

The years go by and we keep running just “to keep up”, but never asking ourselves, “where are we running to?”

Do YOU know where you are going in life? Have you set the course or is the course driving you? Who’s in charge? If you do not know, you might just wake up from your run and realize you do not want to be where you ended up. Somehow the race took you off-path – off YOUR LIFE PATH, that is. But in reality, was it the path that led you astray or was it your unconscious decision to follow that path, the problem?

Chasing the years of your life keeps you running in circles. Stop running just to keep up and START asking yourself if you are even ON THE RIGHT PATH. Start there. Set your own life course and consciously follow it everyday. If you do that, you will never regret the path you find yourself on. It is the path you chose with absolute certainty; not the one you absent-mindedly found yourself on.

The years of your life go so quickly. How do you want to spend them? Chasing those lost years or driving the years you want to be living? When you are ready to stop blindly running and start mindfully living, the rest of your life is ready to begin.

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