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Stop thinking you are not ready. Stop putting off your tomorrows. Learn to redefine success.

Nobody ever thinks they are ready to embark on something new. In your mind, you will never have enough money to have your first child or move into that big new home or buy your beach house or get married or change your career. You will always tell yourself that something is first needed before you can make that move. This is your ego’s way of keeping you safe from a perceived failure. For most of us, we would prefer to never try, then to try and fail. The ego is clever, it comes fully equipped with defense mechanisms to protect it from looking foolish or “less than perfect.” This shows up as procrastination measures and procrastination ultimately marks the difference between surviving and thriving.

Adhering to the ego keeps you small and keeps you from becoming great. Most great opportunities in life force us to grow and move beyond our comfort zones. Feeling comfortable is a sign to you that you have conquered and achieved. Feeling discomfort is a sign to you that you need to persevere and challenge yourself. The choice is always yours. Life never happens to you – it happens for you. The secret is in believing in yourself.  Even if you think you do not have what it takes, you keep moving forward. Fake it ’til you make it – then it will be yours. By taking on the challenge with an air of certainty and belief in yourself, you will always earn that which you are seeking.

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