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… generally entails having a BREAKDOWN first. 

They usually work hand-in-hand.

Our greatest breakthroughs usually come after we’ve completely surrendered control over our lives.

You have to be willing to break down all your mental constructs and expectations of the way you think things should be and be open to a new way of seeing things that might be BETTER than you ever even imagined.

Once you’ve suffered a breakdown of a certain aspect of your life, you’ve learned to let it go. You no longer have any judgements or expectations of it being the way you needed it to be. You are now free to allow it to become anything it is meant to become for you.

Life has a funny way of working things out for you. You don’t always know what is right for you. If you’re breaking down over something, it wasn’t working for you and holding onto something that isn’t working, only keeps you trapped. Letting it go and letting it subsequently break you down is what will inevitably lead you to the breakthrough you’re seeking.

Breakdowns are hard, but the breakthroughs they lead you to are priceless.  Don’t avoid the breakdown, it’s in place to show you that YOU ARE ALMOST THERE. Just when you think it couldn’t get any darker, that’s the moment when the light returns. Don’t run from the breakdown, let it transform you and let it bring on the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for all along.

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