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grey1… it’s always in the shades of grey.

We’re a solution-driven species and hence we feel very uncomfortable when we do NOT have all the answers.

But life isn’t about knowing all the answers. It’s about exploring the depth/richness behind the range of ambiguity within all 5,000 shades of grey, because as humans we are much more complex than just being black or white. There is much more to our emotional wellbeing, our intelligence and our rational thinking then just black and white.

Black or white is an easy label but living life in the grey pushes you further. In other words, needing guarantees in life keeps you limited; being comfortable with uncertainty/exploration keeps you expanding into yourself.

Don’t stop at black or white; you can go further in the grey areas. There is much more to explore in the realm of uncertainty than there ever is in the realm of certainty. To be the best YOU, you always want to explore the levels of grey – push yourself further, take chances, take risks, and move out of your comfort zone. Being in the grey area shouldn’t be scary, it should be embraced and savored for all it’s potential.

Guarantees don’t make you safe in life, they keep you stuck and narrowly defined. Be comfortable within yourself to navigate all 5,000 shades of uncertainty. Then once you have sufficiently explored the varying shades of grey, you will be ready to define your own unique shade and it’s sure to NOT be black or white. How could it be?

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