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… is not a function of life.

It’s a function of LIVING.

It’s not about the number of physical years you’ve lived, but the quality of those years that determines how you age.

You are only as old as you feel and how you feel is a function of how you are currently living.

Our modern lifestyle has increased our chronological age (the age in years) — people live longer these days — but modern living has also increased our biological age (the age of our physical bodies) and those are NOT always the same age. 

Modern life includes many factors that speed up your biological age clock. Factors of aging increase cellular turnover and just a few of those modern factors include:


sleep deprivation

chemicals found in processed foods + factory farming



extensive alcohol + drug consumption

negative emotions (depression/anxiety/anger/hatred/bitterness/fear)

states of chronic pain


sun exposure


Keeping yourself young is not only a physical process, but an emotional and mental one as well. We all know how to alleviate the above triggers of aging, but to stay young, follow these simple rules…

Learn how to be happy.

Learn how to cultivate a positive/optimistic mindset.

Learn how to transform negative emotions into positive ones.

Learn to sit in stillness + contemplation (meditation).

Learn to move negative (toxic) energy out of your body through yoga, acupuncture + reiki.

Learn to dispel negative energy (heavy metals/stress) in your environment through smudging (sage/palo santo/incense/himalayan salt lamps/crystals)

Learn to let the earth ground you — spend time in nature and harness the healing power of its bounty in the form of salt water, herbs, flower essences + aromatherapy oils.

Modern living, negative energy and negative emotions will age you faster then you ever thought possible. If you let the world around you dictate your state of mind and emotions, you’ll fall right into premature aging, but if you learn to cultivate a clean body, inner strength, emotional balance and a peaceful mind — you’ll remain youthful beyond your years. How old do you want to be?

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