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Unknown… learn to be flexible.

Learn to let things wash over you.

When we try to resist hardship, change, pain or heartbreak, we make it harder then it needs to be. Don’t fight the experience, learn to let it wash over you and leave you.

Many of us attach to the hardship, we personalize it and over-dramatize it and create bigger obstacles then need to be surmounted. Negative energy builds upon itself. If you want to create a monster, you can. What you resist, persists, but what you learn to look at disappears.

Be flexible, learn to navigate life with ease and grace no matter what is going on around you and you will ALWAYS have a better result. The slight and fragile blade of grass is still standing after a great storm, but the tall, resistant oak tree will be snapped in half. Strength does not guarantee success but the ability to yield to trouble allows you more options for survival. In the middle of the storm, bending and yielding buys you time until the sun comes out. If you resist, you will always be snapped in half… and Game Over.

Let each storm pass through you and as it does it will teach you something about yourself. It changes you and you find that you truly learn how to weather the storm. In life, don’t resist the inevitable… power through it, allow it to pass through you over and over again until the storm stops. When all is said and done, you will be the one left standing.

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