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trapped… they CANNOT hear you.

They only hear what they want to hear or what they’ve been conditioned to hear. But regardless, when they are stuck in their own story, they won’t be able to hear you.

We all have these scripts that run inside our heads about who we are and how we show up in life. And just for the record, they are generally not very accurate. They tend to be the limiting, self-destructive scripts that keep us from greatness and/or keep us from learning how to truly connect with others.

It takes a very open minded and balanced being to be open enough/aware enough to hear the constructive comments of others and be able to distinguish them from the deconstructive comments. An open minded being doesn’t shutdown when faced with constructive criticism, they embrace it and seek to grow and evolve with it. Ask yourself if you are able to find constructive criticism in people’s words or if you just shut down when you hear things you don’t like?

On the flip side, have you tried to say something to someone you love and they just don’t get it? Don’t make yourself crazy. You can’t change people’s stories for them; it’s not your place to do so.  They live them everyday. They need them to exist. It’s not your job to fix anyone or save them from themselves. If they cannot hear what you are saying to them, it isn’t time for them to do that work with you. Back off and save your breath. Put your energy back into yourself. Don’t take it personally. Not everyone is able and ready to rewrite their stories. Some prefer to relive them over and over again because it is easier than trying to grow into new and unchartered territory.

Are you stuck in your story? Want to be free? Learn to let go of what you think defines you and open up to a new way of being. Life is too short to keep yourself stuck. If you stay stuck in your story, you will never hear anyone and chances are there is a newer and much better story out there for you. It might be time to go out and find it.

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