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… is a defense mechanism of the EGO.

It’s a highly unconscious method of deflecting attention away from one’s own shadow work. It protects a fragile ego by deflecting attention away from the person who has the work to do and projecting it onto the one who presumably “offended them.” It’s a convenient distraction strategy, “look over there, not here.”

It’s much easier to blame someone else than it is to look in the mirror. You see, we always dislike in others what we unconsciously dislike about ourselves. It’s human nature.

When you know who you are, there is nothing to take offense to and no one who can ever offend you. But when your identity is tied to an ideology, your identity construct becomes weakened and easily hijacked.

Nothing anyone says or does has anything to do with you unless you make it about you. Being offended is a cop out; it shows people you are more interested in projecting blame than accepting responsibility for your own behavior which may or may not be unrelated.

Instead of being offended by others, why not put that energy into maintaining a healthy sense of self? When you know who you are, no one can ever challenge you. And if we all knew who we were, we wouldn’t spend anymore time projecting blame unto others, but would spend it in harmony with them.

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