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… you’re NOT ready to leave it.

Obviously there’s something there for you that has yet to be uncovered.

If you’re trying to move forward, but can’t, it’s important to recognize that you’re being held back for a reason. There’s something in the place where you currently stand that requires your attention — there’s a learning there for you — there’s a lesson there that needs to be integrated before you can move onto the next stage.

The process of being held back is quite purposeful because your path builds onto itself and each stage of life entails prerequisite learning. Therefore, if you haven’t internalized a lesson at a given stage, you’ll be prevented from moving onto the next stage.

What are you not seeing? What are you not looking at? It’s usually something that you’ve shoved away in a closet with resolve never to open. Rest assured that your life will not let you move forward until you open it and do the work on moving past it. 

If you’re stuck in the same place, you’re not ready to leave it. You may WANT to leave it, but you lack the learning necessary to move forward. The universe will always protect you from moving onto a stage until you have the tools to deal with it. Don’t spend your time being frustrated, spend it cleaning out your closets. Skeletons don’t go away, they’ll only haunt you until you pull them out of your closet — then they are just a pile of bones.

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… a.k.a. “The Waiting Game.”

Ever get tired of waiting for things to happen? Waiting for just that right opportunity to come through? Waiting for just that right person to walk into your life? Waiting for just the right conditions before you can move or sell your home?

In our fast paced society, we are so conditioned to want things instantaneously. We are impatient and demanding, and subsequently extremely unhappy when things do not work out the way we expect them to or within the timeline we require. Somehow we tend to feel deprived, or even worse lost when what we want is out of reach. Waiting is a game we do not inherently know how to play successfully. It seems tedious, fruitless and a waste of our resources. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Waiting is actually a necessary evil along our path. Know this… if something or someone is being held from you, there is a specific reason. You may not know it at the time, but you are obviously being held back from pursuing a specific relationship, new job or new home, etc… If it was right for you, it would be right in front of you. The fact that there is an enforced separation for the time being is your indication that something is still needed before those new conditions can come into play. Your work is to find out what is still needed (if it is on your part). Maybe you have some more emotional work or reflection to do on your path before you can begin a new relationship? Or maybe your partner is the one who has the work to do? Maybe there is a different type of training that is required for you to fall into that new job opportunity? Whatever the reason, if the new conditions have not yet made themselves apparent, it is because it is not yet time for them to come to fruition.

Be where you are. Be content with where life has brought you to. You are where you are for a reason. Enjoy it. Live it. Go deeply into it. There is a lesson there for you and when you can uncover the treasure that this time is bringing you, you will move onto the next step with ease. Life is a process. With every step we take, we learn more and more about ourselves. Stop whining about not having what you want and start living your life right here, right now. As soon as you stop looking for what you think is missing, what you are searching for will deposit itself right onto your front doorstep. Trust the process that is your life. The universe always has your back. There is no better place to be in life then to be exactly where you are.

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