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grateful… brings you MORE of what you WANT.

Believe it or not.

It’s very simple, you do not get more of what you want until you can fully appreciate the beauty that you currently hold. There is great richness in every one of our lives but it gets clouded over when there is something out of reach that we long for.

The act of “wanting” creates a strong position of lack in our lives. The act of “gratitude” creates a strong position of abundance.

When we feel incomplete without a certain person or material object, we are telling the universe that we are NOT WHOLE – that we are somehow less than we would like to be. The universe acknowledges that inadequacy and mirrors back to you more situations that will support your current state of lack.

But when you can express gratitude for what you currently have (especially if it doesn’t seem like much), the universe will read that as abundance and will continue to fill you up with more than you could ever ask for.

To be grateful for whatever it is that you have is to tell the universe that you DESERVE the abundance given to you and that you are worthy of more beauty – hence it will always make its way to you.

You will NEVER get what it is you want if you feel as if you don’t already have it. So fill yourself up with what you do have.

A lush summer garden in bloom will always attract more attention and support then will a barren desert plot of the same size. Are you a garden in bloom or are you a barren desert? Your hope of growing roses only exists if you create that garden. The choice is always yours.

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