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… when you’re ready for it.

Not before.

If something is shifting in your life, it’s time for it to shift. Whether you realize it or not, things only begin to shift when you’re ready for a new phase of life. 

The secret to navigating change is to follow the tide, not resist it. You don’t have to have all the answers, you only need to follow the tide when it shifts and trust the process of your life that it knows where it’s leading you. The universe always has your back. Change wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t time for change to happen.

Don’t get tripped up over any perceived outcome. It’s great to have a goal, but don’t hold steadfast to it, be flexible. You never know where life will take you. If you think you know what’s right for you and you hold too tight to it, you will create unnecessary pain and frustration. Set a goal and then be open to where life leads you. When you are flexible, you allow yourself the chance to pivot towards something even better. 

Step lightly on the earth, be fluid, be able to adapt, your life may not show up exactly as you expect, but from what I’ve learned — it usually shows up even better. 

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