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… they’re conditioned to hate by a sick society.

When you believe that your neighbor is your enemy, you have lost your humanity. 

Our DNA — our divine human blueprint is made of love. It’s only when that blueprint is hacked that we fall prey to hate. Our minds are being hacked all day long, by legacy media, social media, corporations, advertising, television, hollywood, govt’s, etc… What thoughts do we own that are actually OUR OWN? 

We are in a time where we are meant to be remembering who we really are but unfortunately at the same time, we’re battling for our own memory and our own ability to process concepts and think for ourselves.

If you’re judging others for who they are or what they believe, it might be time for you to point that finger back at yourself. If you are finding discontent in another, it’s really the discontent you harbor deep within yourself. Don’t project it onto others. Heal it at the source. The buck starts and stops with YOU.

Humans are not predisposed to hate, when we can remember that, we can find our way back to our our humanity. 

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change-the-world-1… start by changing yourself.

It all starts with YOU. As  Ghandi said, “BE the change you want to see in the world.”

We never realize our power. We never realize just how much influence we personally have in the world. We never think we can make a difference by ourselves. We are very wrong.

Every act of kindness – every smile – every compliment we give changes our molecular structure. It shifts our energy and helps us to create more light in the world. Not only do you feel better, but the planet responds in kind.

When we focus on spreading love and kindness, our planet heals. When we focus on spewing venom towards each other, competing with each other and building our personal wealth to the detriment of being kind to the person hurting next to us, we’ve lost the lesson. Selfishness breeds pain and misery on a personal & global level.  

Natural disasters are Mother Earth’s response to hate, anger, mis-used power, greed, materialism and waste. Do you want to change the world? Start by changing yourself. Put more positive energy out into the universe in small ways everyday. Smile at a stranger – compliment your colleague – offer to help someone in need – small random acts of kindness will go a long way to helping you live the best life you can.

Circumstances do not change outside of you until you undergo a change on the inside. Embrace positive energy and share it with others. You might just find that the things you are looking for in life find their way miraculously to your door.

Be the change you want to see in the world. And the world will change around you. What are you waiting for?


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