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th… is happening FOR YOU – to bring you to a much better place.

You are always meant to be MOVING UP in life – towards better situations. Challenging circumstances come up in your life NOT to beat you down, but to bring you to that higher place in your life. Think of it this way… where there is pain, there is ALWAYS GAIN, but that gain requires that you can look beyond the short term discomfort, anxiety and confusion and re-frame the situation to get the learning from it and allow it to bring you to a better place.

Life’s perfect dichotomy is this: If it seems bad, it’s bringing you to good; and if it’s good, it’s a reward for having gotten there. 

Nothing is ever truly bad in our lives (even though it can seem that way). If something seems “bad,” it’s because the good hasn’t YET been revealed to you. But it’s ALWAYS there. The trick is not to fall into the drama of what seems to be temporarily “bad” because bad is ALWAYS temporary. Good prevails indefinitely.

What happens to you, is happening FOR YOU – to bring you to a much better place. You can label an event as “bad,” but bad is always temporary, so if you are stuck in bad, give it time because in that time, the good will always be revealed.

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