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… where every human is being tested.

These times represent the greatest trials of human consciousness. Every human being is being tested. No one is getting out of it. Everyone is here to face their own tribulations — their own shadows, their own darkness, their own patterning and their own fears. The more inner work you can face and transform, the higher level of consciousness you can reach and as a result, the higher the rewards in your material world.

We have it all wrong. We try to force the outer world to change, not realizing that it is our inner worlds which project into our outer experience. What is going on outside of you is always a projection of your own inner turmoil. So what we see in the collective these days is just a projection of humanity’s shadow — the shadow that we as individuals have chosen NOT to address, so it gets projected outside of us into the outer reality of the matrix.

The matrix is just playing out the movie of the darkness we hold inside and the reluctance we have to address that darkness. It has to go somewhere, so it gets projected outside of us where no one wants to take responsibility for it and everyone can blame each other. It’s pretty convenient. 

The truth is that our collective world outside us does not change until we change and heal our personal inner worlds. Stop blaming the gov’t, media, country, race, political party, medical establishment, school district, etc… start asking yourself what you can do to heal your own shadows. When we get to the place where we are no longer holding onto fear, hate, greed, false power, pride, righteousness, judgment, envy, jealousy, etc… we will no longer see these shadows play out in front of us. When those shadows disappear from our own hearts, they disappear from the world stage. 

Where are you in the processing of your own tribulation? Are you healing or still blaming others for where you are and for where things are in the world? Just note that the world doesn’t change until you change. Are you really ready to make a difference in the world? Be the change you want to see in the world or don’t bother.  

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