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falling… is in learning to catch yourself.

We are all going to fall. It is written into the very fabric of our lives. But how we experience that fall determines the quality of our life and our future experiences.

If we could understand that the “fall” is just a vehicle for our growth as it brings opportunity for us to learn critical lessons, then we would be able to escape from the overall drama of the experience itself. Remember our work is to GET THE LESSON and GET OUT so that progress may be made and our lives can move forward more constructively.

Experiencing the art of the fall is in learning to land more gracefully – NOT going down in flames screaming obscenities to our imagined foes. When you start to recognize that your challenges are what determine your potential for greatness, then there is no need to fight them.

We live in a world of illusion. The great yogis call this “maya”. Life is an illusion. There is no challenge greater than you in life and there is no challenge that is out to get you and destroy you. The illusion would have you believe that you are unsafe and “coming apart from the seems.” This illusion is just the vehicle to test what you have learned thus far to see how you have grown or if you’ve grown at all.

Don’t buy into the drama. It doesn’t matter WHAT happens to you or WHO does it. It only matters what you do with the outcome and how you make your life better because of it. You can’t control the fall, but you can absolutely control it’s affect over you.

The next time you face a major challenge in your life, remember that it is never about the actual fall itself; the wisdom is found in learning the reasons WHY you are falling. Once you learn those lessons, you will never fall quite the same way again.

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