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… or have you become comfortably numb? 

There’s a difference.

Life is hard, it’s true, but finding comfort in this discomfort is key. True comfort can be found via conscious transformation of suffering. Do you allow yourself to wallow in self-pity and victim consciousness or do you move through the pain and back into higher mastery states of joy, gratitude and happiness?

Many of us get stuck in the pain and in order to cope, we shut down any sense of feeling. We numb ourselves from feeling the pain via alcohol, drugs, food, tv, social media, sex, etc… This is not true comfort, it is a coping mechanism disguised as comfort, otherwise known as the “comfortably numb zone.”

Comfort is the pure mastery of joy, while being comfortably numb is the epitome of sabotage and distraction. One shuts you down, while the other moves you through your consciousness evolution. Be careful not to mistake one for the other.

True comfort is available for anyone who is ready to master their pain — anyone who is ready to face their shadows and move beyond them. Once you learn to face all of it, you can override it and finally begin to heal.

Are you comfortable facing your life or are you more comfortably numbing the pain? There is a difference. One road leads to consciousness mastery and the other leads to an addictive spiral. Where do you find yourself?

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