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images… is the ONLY way to reveal the good.

Believe it or not, there is NO bad. There is only our perception of bad that makes it real for us.

Any event we may perceive as “bad” in our lives only happens in order to bring us to a better place. All challenges and obstacles whether it be job loss, loss of a loved one, bankruptcy, illness, etc… are purely illusions put in our way so that we can learn how to be strong in ourselves and strive to make our lives better because of it. So bad is a catalyst for good – but only if you rise to the challenge and overcome it. If you choose to buy into the bad, you can make it yours for all of eternity and wear it as a jaded badge of honor. But why would you do that?

Bad is only present until you do the work on transforming it. Then bad becomes the highest version of good you could have ever dreamed up for yourself. It is the way the universe works. It doesn’t matter what has happened to you in your childhood or as an adult, your work is to make your life better because of having had those experiences. When you make positive change for yourself, not only does your life improve, but you inspire others to do the same.

When you consciously choose to break bad, the universe always conspires with you to bring you to the most optimal outcome of good. But when you unconsciously continue to accept the bad that is hurled at you and begin to identify with it everyday, the universe will continue to throw you more bad in the form of lessons until you finally succeed in burying yourself beneath a shroud of depression and sadness.

Are you ready to break bad? Your life is waiting to get good. Let’s start transforming it. You will be rewarded every step of the way.

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