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… it’s right for you.

If it depletes you, it holds no value for you.

When making decisions you always want to follow your emotional guidance system. It tells you everything you need to know about WHAT’S RIGHT for you.

Passion is your purpose — it will always lead you to the right places. Don’t doubt the inspiration coming through you. It doesn’t have to make sense. You only have to trust it and move towards it.

When you move in the direction of things that make you happy/excited/inspired, you are open to the possibilities. When you resist your inspiration and ignore what feels exciting to you, you kill the impetus for change and keep yourself locked in a pattern of frustration and stagnation.

Not everything in life is meant to be difficult. Life is meant to be joyful. Why listen to the voices of despair when the voices of excitement are so much more encouraging.

Trust your intuition — if it excites you, it’s right for you. If it depletes you, it holds no value for you. It’s your life — you’re the only one who knows the difference.

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