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when relationship ends… you are supposed to MOVE ON.

It doesn’t matter how or why it ends, it only matters that you acknowledge the ending and take the learning with you.

Relationships are opportunities for us to grow and learn. When you learn what you have needed to learn from each other, then the relationship ends. It is time to start a new chapter to practice your learning in a new situation.

Now, that does NOT mean that the relationship will never come back to you in a newer, healed form later on. But it does tell you that for now, your work with each other is complete.

Problems arise when we do not let go of the relationship, but hold on out of fear of need or fear of being alone. When you hold on too long, it only creates frustration, pain and stagnation and ultimately will keep all happiness and growth from you.

When a relationship ends, the most important thing you can do is to be strong and learn to graciously accept the new changes. Trust in the universe to bring you to where you need to be. If your relationship was not meant to end, it wouldn’t be ending. If it is ending, it is because it is time for it to do so.

Don’t drive your relationship into the ground by holding on too long. Everything happens for a reason and despite the fact that you may feel it is not yet time for your relationship to be ending, the universe may just have other plans for you. Learn to trust and learn to find the “good” in “goodbye,” for it is ALWAYS there.

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