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falling for almost… never brings you ALWAYS.

how could it?

“Always” always meets your needs, but “almost” rarely ever does. It is all in what you accept into your life. After all, you get what you accept and if what you are accepting isn’t quite cutting it, then send it back and tell the universe to try again.

“Almost” by definition doesn’t quite meet your needs. “Always” always does. Which reality do you want to fall for? The one that “almost” meets your needs or the one that “always” does.

You are worth a reality filled with always having your needs met, not almost. Almost creates a life of tension and frustration. Always awards you the happiness and satisfaction you innately deserve. Believe in yourself, you always deserve better. Don’t accept “almost” when it is put on offer, because doing so tells the universe you do not want better for yourself.

Do you want a life of “always having your needs met” or a life of “almost having them met.” The choice is yours. Aim higher and you will get higher. Prioritize yourself and your needs and recognize that always falling for “almost” can’t possibly give you “always.”

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