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… it just does.

As pedantic as that sounds, these are truly words to live by.

All of us have “holes” in us. These are empty and void places inside of us where we have suffered from pain. Some people will allow those holes to consume them, even define them. They allow themselves to feel broken because of them.

The role of a hole is not to break you or take you down into it, the role is to take you deeper into yourself. It is a type of character building and the lessons are rich. We emerge from every hole a stronger, more balanced and more beautiful being.

We should never identify ourselves with the pain that the hole inflicts upon us, but we should identify with that place of strength, grace and fortitude that that hole brings us to. By going deeper, one finds jewels – whether we speak of diamonds and other precious jewels/metals or even buried treasures. The deeper you go, the higher the probability one will strike “gold.” The gold you find is the essence of who you are.

As we say, don’t stay stuck in the hole, learn its lessons and appreciate it for the teachings and for the level of understanding it brought you to. These are great gifts in the game of life. That which tears us down, brings us to the heart of who we are. Only by being brought to your knees, can one understand how powerful they truly are to remain upright at all.

Your holes are your tapestry – they make you who you are. They tell the story of what you have endured and where you have come from. The more holes you have, the more you have truly lived and the more learnings you have to share with others.

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